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TESOL-EDU has serviced various institutions including HeadStart. The LAT-TESOL course 

has been used to certify teachers since the year 2000.

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TESOL-EDU is the exclusive provider of the

LAT-TESOL Course for International TEFL Certification 

and specializes in the successful use of

Communicative Approach Facilitation (CAF*). 

*CAF focuses on the natural processes of language acquisition, learning, study, teaching, and facilitation thereof. The approach aims to optimize the client's experience in a "class setting" and to increase the overall purpose of Culturally Linguistic Experiences (CLE) by focusing on developing language fluidity. (Excerpt, The ICLA Curriculum). 

A Paradox in Contradiction
When we study, we study in thought and in action. While we study, we are NOT acquiring language academically because we had already mastered our native language(s) Informally, as is required by Nature. Acquiring a language is at the foundation. Any attempt to bypass the fundamental steps is an attempt of Babel proportions.
That said: Is it a contradiction or a paradox that the G-T Method of book-learning a foreign (un-familiar) language utilizes a system of level-progression via an UN-natural set of processes centered on the graphemes of a language rather than its IRREFUTABLE phonemic structures?
Remember, always generate questions.
Then there's a business side to business that involves unbusinesslike conduct.
A contradiction in linguistic thought can only become a paradox when it is founded on contextualized grammar.
(Excerpt, The ICLA Curriculum/LAT-TESOL)



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TESOL-EDU Services

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