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  • TEFL Certification via

     The LAT-TESOL Course

  • TESOL Workshops
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • ESOL courses & curricula

TESOL-EDU has serviced various institutions including HeadStart. The LAT-TESOL course 

has been used to certify teachers since the year 2000.

TESOL-EDU Services

International TESOL/TEFL Certification

Accredited (by proxy), 2002, 2005, 2013





TESOL-EDU Services

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"The Process of Acquiring Language" (video)


TESOL-EDU is the exclusive provider of the

LAT-TESOL Course for International TEFL Certification 

and specializes in the successful use of

Communicative Approach Facilitation (CAF*). 

*CAF focuses on the natural processes of language acquisition, learning, study, teaching and the facilitation thereof. The approach aims to optimize the client's experience in a "class setting" and to increase the overall purpose of Culturally Linguistic Experiences (CLE) by focusing on developing language fluidity. (Excerpt, The ICLA Curriculum).