TESOL-EDU Services

The foundation of TESOL-EDU is ICLA (International Concepts in Language Acquisition), which was initiated as a private language business while I was a graduate student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, USA, in 1983. With Alenka B-HM, The ICLA Curriculum was subsequently used to establish The ICLA Culture & Language School in Hollywood, FL (1990-1996). In 2000, The ICLA Curriculum was implemented at a small language school in Fort Lauderdale, FL and it was utilized to accredit and re-accredit TLA in 2002 and 2005.* In September of 2006, TESOL-EDU was established out of Melbourne, Florida, with a redefined focus on Teacher Training and TEFL Certification. The courses and practicums are founded on first-hand, field-tested, and quantifiable experiences which include immersion residency in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  (PMaxHM)

*The school, TLA, was accredited by ACCET and thereby endorsed by the US Dept. of Education.

"I have been a teacher-educator for the past eight years. After spending months searching for the perfect TEFL certificate course, I enrolled in LAT-TESOL for its flexibility and commitment to excellence over ideology. Peter Maximilian HM serves as Director of TESOL-EDU, after having pioneered the contextual grammar approach to language acquisition. Be forewarned, this course is not meant for those 'dabbling' in language teaching. This is a professional certification designed for those seeking a deeper, more authentic understanding of how to acquire a language naturally and effectively.

With Peter's help, I learned more about the structure of the English language in a week than in three decades as a native speaker. I have no doubt LAT-TESOL will make me a more effective teacher-trainer and school administrator the world over. If you're in the market for a TEFL/TESL/teaching certificate, save yourself the time and go with the best--Peter Maximilian HM.

Luiz Bravim, MBA"

TESOL-EDU Services offers,

  • The LAT-TESOL Course for International TEFL Certification (validated via accreditation processes & recruiter-approved)
  • TESOL Workshops for teacher training and professional development
  • ESOL curricula for implementation
  • I-20 and Accreditation Preparation
  • Private ESOL courses
  • Effectively Personalized TOEFL preparation courses 
  • Other languages: Spanish, Croatian, Swedish, and Dutch
  • Linguistic Consultancy Services 

          (e.g., editing, translation, & interpretation)

TESOL-EDU features the definitive LAT-TESOL courses under the auspices of The ICLA Curriculum©. ​The ICLA Curriculum presented the first validated ESOL curriculum in the USA that does not use a textbook series to guide the teachers and their students. 
It was used to accredit* and re-accredit a small language school in 2002 and 2005 and helped propel it internationally.