TESOL-EDU Services

Virtual (e.g., Skype) lessons available for ESOL/TOEFL > set schedule only ... 

Important: Please be advised that a TEFL Certificate does not function as a University Diploma. 

For further information on the processes involved, please send a request via the contact page, or send an email to pmaxhm@gmail.com

Class on wheels

  • Teacher & Student visit various places based on interest and targeted vocabulary setting
  • Includes pickup and drop off (within designated area) 
  • 5 private sessions > 2 hours per session
  • ​$450.00 

The LAT-TESOL Course

For International TEFL/TESL Certification

:: Accredited by proxy // Recruiter-approved // Certifications issued since September 2000

  • 120 lessons (a modified practicum for experienced teachers)
  • Definitivetheory based on practical and field-tested experiences accumulated and created by Peter Maximilian over a 40-year period 

The contextualized concepts include:

  1. A sound and non-traditional definition of Grammar
  2. A deep-structural perspective on Language Acquisition
  3. A history of TESOL methodologies and approaches
  4. The nitty-gritty of the structure of the English language and its variegated dialects
  5. A holistic view of Contextual Grammar (CG) and Multicultural Linguistics


The LAT-TESOL Courses (TEFL Certification)

Option A120 Lessons$1550.00
Option B60 Lessons$1050.00
Options A.1120 Lessons$2050.00
Options B.160 Lessons1550.00

Option A) Theory & Practicum > 120 lessons ( 1 lesson = 45 minutes )
Group rate > $1550.00 (set schedule) // Private course (A.1) > $2050.00

Option B) Theory & Modified Practicum > 60 lessons (min.) + Practicum Credit
Group rate > $1050.00 (set schedule) // Private course (B1) > $1550.00
(option B is for experienced teachers only) 

Please note: Theory & Practicum Schedules are fixed (set) by TESOL-EDU Services.

This refers to time, place, and time-frame.

An EED (Expected End Date) always implies that the end date is NOT set in stone.

          Private English for Speakers of Other Languages


(1 session = 90 minutes ~ 1 lesson = 45 minutes)

A) 10 lessons

(= 5 sessions)

flexible schedule,

minimum 2 lessons per session (LPS) 

B) 10 lessonsfixed/set schedule, min. 2 LPS$300.00

C) 20 lessons

(= 10 sessions)

fixed schedule only, 2 LPS$475.00

D) 30 lessons

(= 15 sessions)

fixed schedule only, 2 LPS$665.00

*Please Note: Fixed schedule directly implies that the hours are set,

as if one were attending school. 

Our ESOL --Culture & Language-- Courses are designed to be taught in natural, real settings. 
They are NOT what you get in traditional GT-Method classrooms with 
boring textbooks and teachers out of their effective elements.
One lesson = 45 minutes
One session = a minimum of 2 lessons

Tutoring Services
Language Arts, K-12 / Reading & Writing, all levels / 
Mathematics & Science, Grades 1-8

Fees vary based on the number of lessons required and the variables involved.

All refund requests are to be made in WRITING fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of scheduled classes. 
Deposits and/or partial payments are non-refundable.

NO refunds are issued once a program has commenced. 

Extenuating circumstances are always taken into consideration on a case by case basis. 

TESOL-EDU Services has sole discretionary power to act on such circumstances. 


Please Note:
We do not recommend single lessons as a means to communicate services; however, they are available @$100.00 per session.